Corporate Services

At DICL we design strategies to help you innovate, grow, reduce costs and leverage talent. The African landscape is not tennis court, where everything is well lined up and cameras are recording every step - instead, it can be a jungle, unpredictable and dangerous, yet profitable and rewarding.

At DICL, we are here to execute them your plans, deliver value and ensure long term success. Alongside our partners, we do this by doing the groundwork for you and creating sustainable solutions that work for you. Our professionals have experience in all field and you would benefit from our combined industry knowledge, subject expertise and our collective experience. We live Africa.

We focus on response to client needs. By being agile and flexible, we ensure sustainable growth projections. We investigate all options for your business to solve complex problems while implementing viable solutions.

If we cannot create tangible value, then we re-tract and reevaluate the whole approach. Our core believe is that we both must understand the core issue, challenges and the industry forces affecting you, prior to moving forward.

On-Time Performance
They say 'Time is of the Essence.'  This is true at DICL.  Africa is now moving at the speed of Fiber Optic technology and no company wants to be left behind. Hence understand the importance of delivering on time consistently. To do this we invest heavily in:
* Training of Specialized Staff
* Use of all available tools
* Constant Communication with Client
* Extensive research

One Stop Consulting

At DICL, there is not need to look elsewhere for answers.  We are especially suited for organizations that need lobby style service when in the initial stages of setting international operations in any East African country.  We are one-stop for business from any country that needs professional counseling on how to get started in Eastern Africa.

Our Strong area of Consulting are:
* Government and Public Services
* Financial Services
* Information Technology
* Transport and Logistics
* Telecommunications
* Oil and Energy
* Retail
* Military Consulting

DICL - the future starts here

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