History of DICL

The Initial Concept

  • Initially started in Juba, South Sudan, called NVK INVESTMENT COMPANY
  • Members started contributing on a monthly basis, starting in APRIL 2011.
  • Membership was SDP 60 or equivalent in KShs US$ or other convertible currency; A Share is 100 Sudanese Pounds (SDP).
  • The initial target was a minimum of 50 members.
  • Members could buy as many shares as they wish, subject to any subsequent resolutions by shareholders.
  • In the interim, a member was required to  buy at least one share per month
  • Funds were banked at Equity Bank, Juba Town, and later at credible banks elsewhere as shall be decided by the Shareholders or Directors on their behalf.
  • The first thirty members elected the initial (Founding) Directors
  • The Directors select among themselves a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.
  • The Directors initially meet on the third Sunday of the month at 5p.m.
  • The members meet on the first Sunday of the month at 5p.m.

Information - Share

As is common with many diaspora living abroad (from any country),  the 'trek' back to their country of origin has always seems daunting, primarily because there are specific reasons why they left in the first place (usually not very pleasant reason).   And so, it seems to escape their immediate memory that they, indeed, had planned to return home to their 'motherland.'

Well, though the 'trek' is usually eventually planned, it comes with unpreparedness, anxiety and sometimes fear.  With the evolvement of the initial NVK concept, into a concept that conforming diaspora can share, a systematic way to return home 'with something viable in hand' is slowly, but surely, planned.  You would not be alone any longer on that 'trek.' With the Diaspora Investment Club, you stand to win with an investment that cannot go bad.

The Investment

  • Initially, to build up funds, the cash shall be invested on the Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE) or any other low-risk, high return investment as shall be decided by the members.
  • The Shareholders shall, on the advice of the Directors, appoint a credible Stockbroker.
  • The Directors shall decide on which shares to buy or sell to maximize the return.
  • The Members will then decide at their general meeting how their money shall be invested.
  • In the short term, members shall be encouraged to come up with plans for high return projects with a short period and low risk that the Club can invest in with consent of the members.
  • It is intended that when the fund has accumulated to at least 3 million Kenya Shillings the Directors shall investigate the options for purchase and subdivision of Land within fifty Kilometers from Nairobi or any of the other Kenya’s larger cities and towns.

This is your opportunity to join the rest of the 'Trekkers.'  To begin, just click on Becoming a Member,  and read the terms and conditions and just follow the instructions.  We are here to walk with you.