Kenyans Abroad get the opportunity to provide input towards Diaspora Policy

Discussing Elements surrounding Diaspora Policy Development

January the 28th of this year (2014), saw a historic meeting take place between Kenya's Diaspora Alliance and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Courtesy of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary Dr. Eng. Karanja Kibicho the Kenya Diaspora Alliance, (representing several Diaspora caucuses), engaged in discourse regarding the building of the road-map that will see the enacting of Kenya's Diaspora Policy.
Further to the discussions, the Draft Policy has been circulated through various

fora to Kenyan Diaspora globally. From opinion leaders, to individuals participating in online fora, (inclusive teleconferences and live engaging broadcasts).

With interest generated and input received, what lies in store for Kenyan Diaspora?
Will mechanisms enhancing Diaspora Investment and participation back home be enhanced?
Will Diaspora's integration in Kenya's economy be harnessed?

Various KDA Team leaders offer a background on Kenyan Diaspora

Various KDA Team leaders offer a background on Kenyan Diaspora

With input from the Kenyan Diaspora being collated in preparation for the follow up Stakeholders Workshop, will Kenyan Diaspora Policy finally have a firm founding?