Investing in Kenya

Recently DICL met with KenInvest, (Kenya Investment Authority) in their Head Office at Kenya Railways Headquarters.

A brief from KenInvest MD Dr. Ikiara and his team.

A brief from KenInvest MD, Dr. Ikiara and his team.

DICL got a comprehensive insight on KenInvest’s history, KenInvest’s ongoing ventures/projects and it’s Plans.

In principle DICL agreed to work with KenInvest in not only enhancing investment opportunities for Kenya’s Diaspora, but also in working on mechanisms that will make it a lot more favourable for Kenyan Diaspora to gain from National Investment opportunities.

Formally initiating DICL's association with KenInvest; to initiate Investment Opportunities for the Diaspora.

Formally initiating DICL’s association with KenInvest; Initiating concerted Investment Opportunities for the Diaspora.

By virtue of KenInvest’s and DICL’s association, it is believed that in time, not only will Kenyan Diaspora gain from Local Investment opportunities, but that they will also gain from investment opportunities across the globe.

KenInvest offers a project master list that takes into consideration Kenya’s Vison 2030.