There are many benefits that accrue from membership in our corporate membership program - so of which may surprise all of us since some will show up later. Overall, we endeavor to create benefits that all companies, corporations, governmental agencies, government consultates and even startup and small enterprises can feel part of.  The idea is for ALL our corporate members to feel welcome, appreciated and always on the know in how we can make them succeed.

Benefits include, but not limited to:

1) Access to a Forum to collate, synthesize and present business and investment concerns to appropriate bodies;

2) Work with  Diaspora organizations to articulate and address issues that directly improve environment and socio-economically empower Diaspora corporates that are often relegated from the “Diaspora Family;

3) Opportunity to regularly interact and exchange ideas with peer CEOs, industry leaders, government officials and carefully selected slate of distinguished guest facilitators;

4) Opportunity for your firm, mid-level and senior staff to participate in the Club’s activities (at discounted and priority terms, whenever appropriate); and (e.g.. organizing Kenya at 50 - priority goes to our corporate members).

5) Opportunity to promote and popularize your products and services to a high-potential customer base, and also gather market intelligence and information. (what does your competitor think)

6) Access to a wide array of Advisory Services.